The Return to Guilford Courthouse 

Back in the Heady days of 2002 My War of Independence Armies Marched their way into infamy  with the Display Game of Guilford Courthouse .

Staged along with a couple of Long Time friends and Gurus of the Hobby Roly Hermans and Steve Sands we caused a stir in the Hobby which had far reaching effects , 

I ended up writing a Magazine Article for the then Italian Hobby Mag Dadi and Piombo  and was even contacted by someone in the States who had traced a long lost family member to Guilford Courthouse and was putting together a Family Tree and asked if he could use the Photos in there .

I spent a lot of time corresponding with the Park Ranger at Guilford and some of the amazing stuff he sent me I still have and I promised myself one day I would put the Armies in Motion yet again.

This time creating the Historical Orders of Battle and bringing this all together  .

My Original Armies were sold and Marched away to England .

I still have the Scenery and the Guilford Courthouse Building and a whole mob of as yet unpainted Figures .

I have dug out my old research and have started to string out Numbers and Units and of course scale.

Im looking at Large Units Battalions \ Regiments I want this to look and feel right 

So the big Militia Units here will be upward of 40 Figures 

Also will need to add in Figures to Bring this all together  although I have a large amount to kick start the Project already.

So with all this in mind I will update the Progress of this as I work here and as each Regiment comes along will throw down some Historical facts and maybe a few unknown ones as we move through the Project 

I will put together the Orders of Battle taken from all the information I have at hand and will  recreate this moment in History .

Hope you enjoy the Journey Ahead


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere, Paul! That game nearly 20 years ago certainly still lives asone of my hobby highlights. It will be great seeing it come to life again. Cheers, Roly

  2. It's certainly stood the test of time and is still spoken about here in cyberspace .
    It was a high water mark that's for sure .

  3. It was the pictures of that game that inspired me to build up the forces for Guildford Courthouse...and it's been refought quite a few times since. Looking forward to watching your project.

    1. John hi glad the photos inspired you into the AWI and Guilford .
      The original Armies used were my whole collection so had a bit of poetic licence but it does look good ,
      The rebuild will be Historical but still hopefully pleasing to the eye ,

  4. Hi Paul you may not remember me - we only met once I think, at Barry's place for a large Vendee game with Rick's collection of Revolutionary War figures - I am sure you wrote a blog article about it at the time, referring to it as "wargaming in the Grand Manner!" I still game with that same group of guys - Barry, Chris, Rick, Mark and Paul, plus some newer blood too. I will look forward to following your progress with this project.

  5. Hi Yes I do remember that game well it was put together by Mark Strachan and had so many twists and turns including the Wndmill signalling to the Rebels and the Appearance of the Scarlett Pimpernel .
    Great memories of great times past
    Roly published the blog on the old Kapiti fusiliers Web site
    I shall seeif he's still got it in his archives there
    Great to hear the boys are still going strong
    I do chat to Mark and keep up with life there back in NZ
    Take care and please say hi to them all