Painting the Troops

The Story Begins a new Technique with this project after playing around with different methods I've decided on this one ..

Undercoat  Matt White 

Then a wash of 

Citadel Agorax Earthshade and Seraphim Sepia 

Thus gives the undercoat effect as in these pics all the shaded areas picked out .

So far so good ..

I Have been experimenting with Citadel Contrast on this Project and am currently working through a batch of  figures to see if this is the way to go its a totally different style of painitnig and you have to think outside the square ..

But so far the results are pretty good .. 

Will post some pics on these once completed in the next few days .. 

                                                  The Return to Guilford Courthouse 

Back in the Heady days of 2002 My War of Independence Armies Marched their way into infamy  with the Display Game of Guilford Courthouse .

Staged along with a couple of Long Time friends and Gurus of the Hobby Roly Hermans and Steve Sands we caused a stir in the Hobby which had far reaching effects , 

I ended up writing a Magazine Article for the then Italian Hobby Mag Dadi and Piombo  and was even contacted by someone in the States who had traced a long lost family member to Guilford Courthouse and was putting together a Family Tree and asked if he could use the Photos in there .

I spent a lot of time corresponding with the Park Ranger at Guilford and some of the amazing stuff he sent me I still have and I promised myself one day I would put the Armies in Motion yet again.

This time creating the Historical Orders of Battle and bringing this all together  .

My Original Armies were sold and Marched away to England .

I still have the Scenery and the Guilford Courthouse Building and a whole mob of as yet unpainted Figures .

I have dug out my old research and have started to string out Numbers and Units and of course scale.

Im looking at Large Units Battalions \ Regiments I want this to look and feel right 

So the big Militia Units here will be upward of 40 Figures 

Also will need to add in Figures to Bring this all together  although I have a large amount to kick start the Project already.

So with all this in mind I will update the Progress of this as I work here and as each Regiment comes along will throw down some Historical facts and maybe a few unknown ones as we move through the Project 

I will put together the Orders of Battle taken from all the information I have at hand and will  recreate this moment in History .

Hope you enjoy the Journey Ahead

Guilford Courthouse The Return


                                                The British Are Coming  


The Battalions \ Regiments Organisation .

Im going to mount these onto 60 x 60 Bases 

Each Base will have from 5 to 8 Figures 

4 to 8 Bases for each 

This will give a really nice look and feel for each unit 

                        The British Army 

The Brigade of Guards 

Brigadier general Charles O'Hara

1st Battallion of Foot Guards  160 - 80 ( 240 )   men  (6 Bases )
Lt Col Chappel Norton

2nd Battallion of Foot Guards  160 - 80  ( 240 ) men  ( 6 Bases ) 
Lt Col James Stuart 

Guards Light Infantry Companies   70-90 Men  ( 2 Bases )
Capt John Goodricke

Guards Grenadier Companies 70-90 Men  ( 2 Bases ) 
Capt William Home

Websters Brigade.

Lt Col James Webster .

23rd Foot Royal Welch Fusiliers  238 Men   ( 6 Bases )
Capt Thomas Peter 

                  33rd Foot           234 Men  ( 6 bases )
Captain Frederick Cornwallis

Leslie's Brigade 

Major General Alexander leslie

2nd Battallion 71st Foot ( Frasers Highlanders ) 244 Men  ( 6 Bases ) 
Capt Robert Hutcheson

Hessian Von Bose Regiment 321 Men  ( 7 Bases ) 
Maj Johan Du Buy

Auxillary Troops 

British Legion    272 Men  ( 7 Bases ) 
Lt Col Banastre Tarleton 

Anspach Beyruth Jagers  80 Men  ( 2 Bases )
Capt Wilhelm Frierich Von Roeder 

Royal North Carolina Regiment  140 Men ( 4 Bases ) 
Lt Col John Hamilton 

Royal Artillery 

1st Section : 2 x 6 Pounders  ( 1 Base 2 Guns )

2nd Section : 2 x 6 Pounders  ( 1 Base 2 Guns )

3rd Section : 2 x 3 Pounders . ( 1 Base 2 Guns ) 


                                                     LIBERTY OR DEATH

                       The American Army 

The American Army as with the British.

  Mounted on 60 x 60 bases  with 5 to 8 figures on each Base.

  4 to 8 Bases for Each Unit .

Although the Larger Militia Brigades Present may have more

                                                     Major General Nathaniel Greene              


                                          Maryland Continental Brigade                   

    Colonel Otho Holland Williams

1st Maryland : 350 - 400 Men  ( 6 Bases )       Colonel John Gumby

2nd Maryland : 350 - 400 Men  ( 6 bases )      Lt Colonel Benjamin Ford 

                                         Virginia Continental Brigade 

Brigadier general Isaac Huger 

1st Virginia : 400-450 Men ( 6 Bases ) Colonel John Green .

2nd Virginia : 400 - 450 Men ( 6 Bases )  Lt Colonel Samuel Hawes.

                                    Lees Partizan Legion 

Lt Colonel Henry Lee.

Legion Infantry: 120 - 50 Men ( 2 bases )  Captain Michael Rudolph 

Legion Dragoons : 70-90 Men  ( 2 Bases ) Major Joseph Eggleston 

                                        Butlers   North Carolina Militia Brigade         

Brigadier General John Butler.

This Brigade Numbered 500 - 600 Men ( 8 Bases ) 

Caswell County militia 100-150 Men

Granville County Militia 100-125 men

Orange County Militia 450 Men

Rockingham , Randolph and Chatham County Militias 50-75 men

 Rowan and Mecklenberg County Militias  60-70 men


                              Eatons North Carolina Militia Brigade

Brigadier General Thomas Eaton                                                           

This Brigade Numbered 500 - 600 Men ( 8 Bases )                                     

Made up from 

Warren County Militia  150-200 Men

Franklin County Militia 150-200 Men

Nash.Edgecombe.Halifax.Martin and Northampton County Militias 150-200 Men

Augusta County Militia 100-150 Men

Augusta and Rockbridge County Militia 150-200 Men

                                     Lawsons Virginia Militia Brigade

Brigadier general Robert Lawson.    

Brigade Numbered 500 - 650 Men  ( 10 Bases ) 

Made up from 

Amelia, Cumberland,and Powhatan County Militias 200-250 Men

Amelia,Charlotte,Powhatan,and Mecklenburg County Militias 200-250 Men

Brunswick,Mecklenberg, and Powhatan County militias 100-150 Men.



                                         Auxillary Troops

Delaware Continental Light infantry 50-60 Men  ( 1 Base ) 

Virginia Continental Light Infantry Company 50-60 Men  ( 1 Base ) 

Virginia Continental Light Infantry Company 50 - 60 men  ( 1 Base ) 

North Carolina Continental Company  20 - 40 men   ( 1 base ) 


Virginia Rifle Battallion  320 Men  ( 2 Bases ) 

North Carolina Rifle battallion  50 - 60 Men  ( 1 Base ) 

                                Continental Light Dragoons          

Lt Colonel William Washington                                                  

Continental Light Dragoons 84 Men   ( 2 bases ) 

Virginia Militia Dragoons 30 Men      ( 1 base ) 

North Carolina Militia Dragoons 30 - 40 Men  ( 1 Base ) 

                       Continental Artillery 

1st Section Singletons Battery  2 x 6 pounders 

2nd Section Ebenezer Finleys battery 2 x 6 Pounders 





                                            Guards Grenadier Company 

Commanded by Capt William Home . ( 2nd Earl of Dunglass ) 

From What I can Gather the Guards Grenadier Companies stayed with the Foot Guards at Guilford and were deployed with them and not detached with the Composite Grenadier Unit .

2 Bases of Figures 6 to a Base .

These will be mainly Perry Miniatures with a few Foundry figures that I have .

60 x 60 Bases