American Civil War Armies 

A Ramble through My American Civil War Armies .

The Collection started way back when and has been added to changed repainted sold and Revamped .

So this project takes another turn .

My original Armies were Hinchliffe and Minifigs .. they have marched away into oblivion now .

The Armies now in place are going through a Revamp and Rebase with plenty of additions to follow .

This is a period I've  studied and loved for many Years and will post the Units here as they come through the Revamp .



 Confederate Officer from First Corps Was just playing around with Techniques but reverted back to my 3 Layer Style with a very slight wash here and there of Citadel Agorax Earth Wash watered Down .

I gave him the unshaven look using this method which came out really nice I think .

Hes waiting to Join the 4th Texas from Hoods Texas Brigade ..

Joshua Chamberlain of 20th Maine Fame  Redoubt Figure Again Painted using the 3 Part System and a Slight Wash over here and there .

                                                                      The 20th Maine 

                                                                    20th Maine 

                                                                      Command Base 
                                                           Joshua Chamberlain and the Boys 

                                                                      Details of the Bases  

                                                    5  60x 60 Bases each base has 6 Figures 


The Figures are Redoubt with a wounded 1st Corps Figure in there  .

Flags are GMB .

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